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Transform your B2B Company into a replicable and effective sales machine.

We support your Sales Team to systematically generate new customers through stable business development channels

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93% of our B2B customers achieve ROI in the first year

Over the past 4 years, more than 150 B2B customers have transformed their company into a sales machine thanks to the Result model.

93% of these customers achieved ROI in their first year of business.

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The Result Model

We analyse the customer’s business development model in detail to create an overview of what is working and what can be improved.

After examining your model in depth, we design your new, effective business development model and a clear strategy to achieve your goals.

We enter the operational phase by setting up your CRM and integrating it immediately with LinkedIn and your email. We then train the Marketing & Sales team towards a single goal: to systematically close new customers.

Your replicable and powerful sales machine is ready to take on new contracts. We will work side by side with your team to achieve increasingly ambitious results, reviewing and analysing performance periodically.

The results we are proud of

Kromin works to maximise profit through development, marketing, data analysis and design activities. Thanks to the combination of data-driven marketing strategies and cutting-edge technological solutions, it helps Italian and international companies to pursue a process of digital evolution, creating new and concrete business opportunities.

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Innovando offers collective and customised solutions to companies and operators in the waste sector throughout Europe, in order to better manage their disposal and ensure compliance with current regulations. The services offered range from the management of industrial waste, through environmental advice, to the optimisation and planning of the workloads of transport and disposal services.

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What our customers say about us

Marco Brignoli
Mirai Bay
Mauro Candeago
CEO & Founder, A3

We really appreciated the proactivity of all the team members, the competence and the organisation of the project. They are genuine experts in this field! My team felt supported at all stages of the project, which were clearly explained during all phases, along with processes and activities. The project was well organised with deadlines, diagrams, material made available, follow-up and everything else needed.

Cristian Benzoni
Sales Trainer & Mental Coach, Blackship

What particularly struck me was the use of tools, the planned strategy and the division of each role within Result Consulting. The differentiator that distinguishes them is being a close-knit and enthusiastic team. In every point of contact I was supported very well and 100%, especially in the initial phase of the project, during which everyone was present and attentive in their respective roles. I finally managed to overcome my limits in communicating with people on LinkedIn. Thank you!

Erika Zeigyte
Mario Gambazza
Sales Manager Indirect Channel Professionals, Zucchetti spa

The people at Result Consulting support businesses and are dedicated to their journey by shortening the time needed to achieve results. They have cut their teeth in entrepreneurial contexts, and so they are experienced, with clear ideas and a clearly-mapped route. They possess the intellectual freshness of bright young professionals, combined with international experiences and contacts. Working with them is truly a pleasure. And they are nice people, to boot.

Massimiliano Adilardi
Adilardi Partner

The people at Result Consulting were able to listen and interpret our needs. What did I appreciate most? The ability to interpret business processes. They supported us throughout the project, giving us an overview of the different stages. I have just started to put “social selling” techniques into practice, and I already see a lot of potential.

A results-driven company

We are strongly focused on results, which represent a priority for us and a guarantee for the customer.

Our goal? To help international B2B services companies to accelerate and scale sales with an innovative and replicable business development model.

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