Our Story

We are Giacomo and Matteo, friends for life, digital entrepreneurs and students for life.

We have studied more than 200 books on business, digital marketing, sales and psychology and also invested in more than 8000 hours of training.

Curiosity always drives us to go further and achieve ever more ambitious goals. Enthusiasm accompanies us every day in both our professional and personal lives.

The first Startup

Our story began in 2016, Matteo was living in Salvador de Bahia on a scholarship and Giacomo was living in Seville on Erasmus.

It all started with an idea that Giacomo shared with Matteo: connecting Erasmus students from all over the world.

Thus our first startup was born: Dot-e, a network of Erasmus and international students through which we managed to reach the goal of 10000 users with zero marketing budget.

2018 was the breakthrough year: we were invited to the European Parliament to present our project and we managed to be selected for SpeedMiUp (Bocconi’s certified incubator).


That day we met so many startups from the B2B world, they all had cool solutions but they couldn’t develop market.

Because you know, in Italy if you don’t have references or someone who introduces you at the right tables, it’s hard to be taken seriously.

So we started studying LinkedIn and helping out some friends. 

That was the spark: those people immediately started generating new sales appointments. 

There was a great opportunity, we just needed Italian SMBs to embrace it.

So we started offering free consultations, focusing on developing Personal Brand and LinkedIn Pages of these first clients.

But we knew we had a much more important goal: to take over the Business development of our clients and take it higher and higher. 

But we didn’t feel ready at that time.


So we began to learn from the best and test everything on our company.

We analyzed every little bit that was jamming the gears.

We evolved those methods, adapting them to the Italian relational pattern.

And then, the most important thing: the Team. Stefano, Gaetano and Daniele joined the team 4-5 months apart.

Each with his own role, we really began to be a Company.

A tremendously efficient company untied by place and time..

But above all: a company 100% devoted to innovation. Each of us, in his or her area, generates innovations. From project management to marketing, from sales to HR. 

Today our methodologies are successfully used by freelancers, startups, SMBs and even multinational companies.


Giacomo Calabrese


Matteo Mirabella


Michela Mirabella

executive assistant

Daniele Messina

Project Manager

Matteo Fois

Account Manager