Alpha Sistemi

Zucchetti Partner Agency for the Triveneto region.

Alpha Sistemi is among the main reference points for HR solutions to enterprises. It is capable of 360° management of all HR Suite modules, related technical issues and all service logics. It wants to offer support to managers and entrepreneurs in order to enable them to better manage their organizations. The critical issues were to be found in the low response rates of the target audience, contacted through Linkedin and Phone Calls.


Accounts Processed
Volume Bids Submitted
Value of sales

Criticality of business development

Phone Calls
Linda Giorgi, a black belt in cold calling, has generated hundreds and hundreds of new opportunities for Alpha's Salespeople over the years. In the recent period there have been questions about how to increase response rates.
HR has a large presence on LinkedIn because this tool is used by most for Recruiting activity. While this is good because the Target is there, it is literally bombarded every day by Salespeople trying to sell at all costs.


There were mainly two bottlenecks to be solved:
1. The generation of new sales appointments on a Target that is present but used to receiving LinkedIn messages of all kinds;
2. The conversion of these qualified contacts into new customers.


We implemented an ad hoc strategy, set on an Outbound Prospecting process, divided into several steps.

A new, replicable and effective business development model

We analyzed the Business 360 degrees, to understand the best solutions to push at that moment. Alpha, as a Zucchetti Agency, has very clear two important variables: Target, (HR Managers and Directors of mid-to-high-end companies), and Geographic Area of Triveneto. This helped us focus the strategy.
Setting Process
We set up the Sales Navigator and CRM with Adua, so that they could keep all contacts organized over time, without losing or abandoning them on the road.
Message sequence drafting
For their specific situation, we planned to emphasize in the messages the peculiarity of the Target and invite Prospects to a study of HR management models of companies in Northeast Italy.
Setting Key Metrics
We gave ourselves a Roadmap and an Operational Plan of weekly contacts. After 7 months, these were the results generated: Accounts Processed: 498 Calls Made: 42 Volume Offers Sent: 78,500€ Closed Contracts: 1 (Value: 38,500€)
Marketing to Support Sales
If Prospecting through LinkedIn is a flywheel that once activated continues to generate new sales appointments, Marketing must support salespeople to convert Calls into paying customers.
A plan of activities has been implemented to educate and inform hot and cold prospects. Every 2 months, contacts generated by the Company and Prospecting Activity are invited to an Event or Webinar, with the goal of increasing their level of awareness and confidence of Prospects who are in the pipeline.
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