Integrated Corporate Finance Consultants.

Cosvim is a Consulting and Business Services company, which has been in the market for 25 years. It puts at the service of the Client the Corporate Finance Consultant, a professional figure capable of analyzing the financial structure of the company and proposing, where necessary, integrated solutions to improve treasury management and optimize funding sources. It lacked the tools and a method to find the most select clientele, target and high-spending corporate decision makers.


Interviews conducted
Opportunities Opened
Value of Opportunities Generated

Criticality of business development

Conversion Rates.
Simone was seeing her own conversion rates below what she wanted. Out of all structured businesses and micro-businesses on target, conversion rates were below 5%.
Off-target customers
Simone and all Cosvim Territorial Consultants, were spending time and energy in getting in touch with off-target and low value prospects or figures without decision-making power in the company. This led to having to restart the negotiation several times and often, they ended up with a hole in the water.
Random contacts
Many different contact channels were used: Facebook Campaigns, LinkedIn Profile, Personal Relationships, Word of mouth, Direct Referral. However, there was a lack of a structured process in the company to keep track of what was done, do follow-ups when necessary, and segment the audience so as to bring out the most value from each prospect.


What Massimo and Simone wanted was:
1. Create a proven, structured process that could be replicated across the company;
2. Surgically select and contact target business decision makers; Increase conversion rate on qualified contacts;
3.Have external consultants to support the training and development of the internal Business Development Team.
4. Having external consultants to support the training and development of the internal Business Development Team.


We carefully identified the target audience on the Sales Navigator, further filtering it with data from, in order to contact only and exclusively the targeted business decision makers.
Based on the Strategic Analysis, we created a LinkedIn Outbound Prospecting Funnel to maximize the value of pipeline opportunities, through which we generated €125,000 of potential in the first 92 days of operation.
We created a unique Business Development strategy that seamlessly combined Marketing & Sales.
In the short term, we maximized the number of opportunities to close. In the long run, we created an annual Calendar with all major Marketing activities geared toward conversion-this is where Companies lose 90% of sales opportunities.

A new, replicable and effective business development model

Business Development Design
We designed together a business development model, which would align all business contacts and unite all Marketing and Sales activities within a single tool: the CRM.
CRM and Sales Navigator Implementation.
We supported Cosvim in optimizing the use made of Zoho, their corporate CRM. We then integrated CRM with Sales Navigator, through demos and sales and marketing training. A single control panel from which to monitor the progress of prospects on the Customer Journey and from which to evaluate salespeople's activities.
Sales Pipeline
We have created the Company's central intelligence: a pipeline 100% dedicated to closing new contracts from the different sources (LinkedIn, Events, Word of mouth). From this we can always get the real-time picture of how sales are going in the Company.
LinkedIn Outbound Pipeline
We have thrown down an exclusive pipeline for business development coming from LinkedIn. We have created a procedure that combines LinkedIn and CRM and allows each and every Prospect to be worked on in the short, medium and long term. We supported Cosvim in communication strategy and response management to prospects, both in the first instance and in follow-up.

People-powered philosophy

Simone Frasson

Commercial @ Cosvim

"In a very short time, and with a lot of commitment from everyone, we managed to achieve very good results. In terms of percentages, the conversion index between contacts made and negotiations sent and concluded is out of any initial imagination (83%). We continue to use ResultConsulting's professionalism on the Marketing and Sales side, we are also very interested in their help with monitoring and constant reminders of the result."

Luca and Simone followed all the training from day 0: they immediately took responsibility for the project and the results.
Now Luca independently masters the LinkedIn Outbound Prospecting process, CRM and Conversion Oriented Marketing. A personal brand development of the whole team, from Massimo and Simone to the territory consultants, has been started.
Now they are ready to replicate the process on a team consisting of Simone and 4 territory consultants: Gennaro, Luca, Carlo and Alessandro.
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