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Eos Informatica srl has been, for over 35 years, a point of reference for companies that need complete solutions for human resources management. A Zucchetti partner, it is the first Italian software house. It offers HR solutions such as Payroll Management, Time and Attendance Management, Access Control, HR and Welfare, Safety&Security, Travel&Fleet, Workforce Management. Initial critical issues were to be found in over-reliance on reporting and organization via Excel files, and a lack of outbound results. There were also shortcomings on the communication side.


New accounts worked
Interviews conducted
Exploratory calls fixed

Criticality of business development

Business Development Criticality
Referrals 95% of the Business generated in 2021 came from referral and Word of Mouth activities. As much as positive word of mouth is a synonym for results and excellent customer experience, Maximus, Key Client Manager, did not feel comfortable that the success of his entire business depended on activities outside of his control.
File Excel
One kept track of activities on prospects via Excel files. There was a lack of clarity on the number of prospects in the pipeline, deals sent and contracts closed by salespeople. What was lacking was order on metrics, forecasting, and business bottlenecks.


The challenge brought by Massimo Guidetti, Key Client Manager, was:
1. Create a new outbound business development channel that would allow EOS to generate business on its own and not depend on referrals;
2. To develop skills in the strategic use of LinkedIn in contacting business decision makers;
3. Make corporate employees autonomous in business development through a new, more innovative system;
4. Have a single control dashboard from which to monitor business metrics, forecasting and business bottlenecks.


1.We created a unique Business Development strategy that seamlessly united Marketing & Sales.
2. Based on Eleonora's Strategic Analysis and Market Knowledge, we created a LinkedIn Outbound Prospecting Funnel to maximize the number of Calls with Prospects and with which we scheduled 28 Calls in the first 67 days of operation.
3. In the short term, we maximized the number of opportunities to close. In the long run, we created an annual Calendar with all major Marketing activities geared toward conversion-this is where Companies lose 90% of sales opportunities.

A new, replicable and effective business development model

Business Development Design
We designed a business development model that would unite all referrals and Marketing and Sales activities within a single tool, capable of replacing the excel file: the CRM.
CRM and Sales Navigator Implementation
We supported EOS in the implementation of a new corporate CRM and integration with Sales Navigator, through demos and sales and marketing training. A single control panel from which to monitor prospects' progress on the Customer Journey and from which to evaluate salespeople's activities.
Sales Pipeline
We have structured a pipeline 100% dedicated to closing new contracts from the different sources (LinkedIn, Events, Word of mouth). This pipeline is the central intelligence of the Company: from here we can always get the real-time picture of how sales are going.
LinkedIn Outbound Pipeline
Exclusive pipeline for business development coming from LinkedIn. We have created a procedure that seamlessly combines LinkedIn and CRM, and allows us to work each individual Prospect in the short, medium and long term. We supported EOS in communication strategy and prospect response management, both in first instance and follow-up.

People-powered philosophy

Giorgio e Monica Mondini

Marketing EOS Informatica

"I gained confidence and autonomy in managing Prospecting campaigns. I have developed new skills in the professional use of tools also at the Marketing level. I am now able to take the business forward and lead it."

Giorgio e Monica hanno seguito tutta la formazione dal giorno 0: si sono presi immediatamente la responsabilità del progetto e dei risultati.
Oggi padroneggiano in autonomia il CRM, il processo di LinkedIn Outbound Prospecting ed il Marketing orientato alla conversione.
The common goal is to transfer what we created to a future Marketing & Sales team.
Do you want to create a digital, replicable and effective business development model for your company?

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