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Kromin works to maximise profit through development, marketing, data analysis and design activities. Thanks to the combination of data-driven marketing strategies and cutting-edge technological solutions, it helps Italian and international companies to pursue a process of digital evolution, creating new and concrete business opportunities.


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Criticality of business development

95% of the business generated in 2021 came from referrals and word of mouth. Although positive word of mouth is synonymous with results and excellent customer experience, Massimo, Key Client Manager, did not feel comfortable in allowing the success of his entire business to depend on activities beyond his control.
Excel files
Activity on prospects was tracked through Excel files. There was no clarity on the number of prospects in the pipeline, on the offers sent and on the contracts closed by the commercials. What was missing was the order of company metrics, forecasting, and bottlenecks.


When we spoke with the board, made up of Emanuele and Marco, the main objective of the project was immediately clear:
1. To make the Business Development Team autonomous in the creation and closure of new opportunities.
2. To generate a new customer each month with the average value of 30k;
3. To create a replicable commercial process for the whole company;
4. To follow the Business Development Team in constant training and coaching activities


1. We created a unique Business Development strategy, combining Marketing & Sales.
2. Based on strategic analysis and the experience of the people at Kromin, we created a LinkedIn Outbound Prospecting Funnel to maximise the number of calls with prospects in the short term and create a qualified database to educate over time.
3. The case study they shared with prospects during the contact phase made a difference: it covered numbers and sales generated on managed customers.
4. The meticulous selection of the target was one of the critical success factors for a niche solution such as performance marketing.
5. The inclusion of a project manager was decisive in setting up the machine, defining optimisation models and maintaining control. After a month, two more figures were inserted that sent the results of the first quarter through the roof. After all, a trial, without the right people, is useless.
6. We worked closely to find the strategy that would allow us to open new initial meetings with target companies.

A new, replicable and effective business development model

Business Development Design
Together we designed a business development model that combined all marketing and sales activities within a single tool: Hubspot (CRM).
Sales Pipeline
We created the company's central intelligence: a pipeline 100% dedicated to closing new contracts from different sources (LinkedIn, events, word of mouth). From this, we can always gain a snapshot in real time of how sales are going in the company.
LinkedIn Outbound Pipeline
We've derived an exclusive business development pipeline from LinkedIn. We have created a procedure that combines LinkedIn and CRM and allows you to work every single prospect in the short, medium and long term.
Inbound Pipeline
All contacts that arrive spontaneously or that are stimulated by the marketing activity are processed here (events, webinars, word of mouth, etc.). It is important to keep them separate from the Outbound business, but especially from the sales pipeline, in order to always ensure clarity about the activities that are working.
Tools & Integrations
We have included tools and integrations to automate the activity and make it more efficient. Surfe, to integrate Sales Navigator and Hubspot; Calendly, to speed up appointments; Marketing automation, to automate part of the activity with prospects. Google and Meta Advertising to work on remarketing for prospects that have not yet been activated. Outstanding work: our congratulations to the people on the team!

People-powered philosophy

Emanuele Esposito

CEO & Co-founder @Kromin

Imagine your typical business development consulting firm. Now, forget all about it! .The support that only a "small team" can provide and the professionalism of the corporate company in one fell swoop. Energetic, positive, empathetic, and focused on continuous experimentation for the benefit of results. You are not just getting a consultancy service, but rather a team that is aligned with your company's goals.

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