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We are the external marketing department of your company: not just a team of experts, but a whole structure with tools, skills and talent to complete service, guided by data. We are an exclusive team of young minds focused on business growth through the development and constant improvement of online paths aimed at performance. We focus on selected customers and the development of new brands that are born within Mirai Bay itself.


Contracts signed

Criticality of business development

In a business development strategy that works, the target is everything. Target + Message = Results The people at Mirai had a clear idea of what they were looking for: "We want to talk to those who decide and the ones who pay", avoiding wasting time with low-quality contacts.
Word of mouth
Most of the business was generated through referrals and word of mouth. This aspect is super positive, because it is synonymous with results and excellent customer experience. Moreover, it should be noted that the new business development model will further enhance this channel.
Despite the excellent conversions coming from inbound contacts, the people at Mirai wanted to improve the conversion process from prospect to customer in Outbound. It often happens that the contacts are easily closed by word of mouth, but in Outbound, the situation becomes slightly complicated.


When we spoke with the fantastic people at Mirai, the main goal of the project immediately became clear:
1. To make the Business Development team autonomous in creating and closing new opportunities;
2. To generate a new customer each month with the average value of 30k;
3. To create a replicable commercial process for the whole company;
4. To follow the Business Development team in the training and coaching activities.


1. We created a unique business development strategy, combining Mirai's marketing mindset and expertise with Result sales.
2. Based on the strategic analysis and the experience of the people at Mirai, we designed the sales ecosystem within the CRM (Business Development Design) and created an Annual Battle Plan focused on sales results. Here are the three pillars:
A. LinkedIn Outbound Prospecting Funnel to maximise the number of calls with prospects in the short term and create a qualified database to educate over time. (95k closures, only from LinkedIn);
B. A new Conversion Marketing Plan aimed at educating the base of potential customers through webinars and case studies (given the results of Mirai's customers, it had to be the best strategy ever);
C. A plan to engage the customer base to stimulate new business opportunities.
3. To close, in line with the challenges, we gave an idea to the Mirai team to create an entry-level product (atomic) to allow companies to be entered more easily, build trust and sell their core services.

A new, replicable and effective business development model

Business Development Design
Together, we designed a business development model that combines all the Marketing and Sales activities within a single tool: Salesflare (CRM).
Sales Pipeline
We created the company's central intelligence: a pipeline 100% dedicated to closing new contracts from different sources (LinkedIn, events, word of mouth). From this, we can always gain a snapshot in real time of how sales are going in the company.
LinkedIn Outbound Pipeline
We've derived an exclusive business development pipeline from LinkedIn. We have created a procedure that combines LinkedIn and CRM and allows you to work every single prospect in the short, medium and long term.
Inbound Pipeline
All contacts that arrive spontaneously or that are stimulated by the marketing activity are processed here (events, webinars, word of mouth, etc.). It is important to keep them separate from the Outbound business, but especially from the sales pipeline, in order to always ensure clarity about the activities that are working.
Customer Pipeline
A pipeline that is 100% dedicated to the generation of new opportunities in the customer base, every company's largest goldmine. If we then add the crazy results that the Mirai Managers Team generates for their customers, they clear up with their eyes closed.
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