OSM Partner Cuneo

Business Consulting for SMEs

OSM (Open Source Management) Partner Cuneo is a business consulting company for SMEs. For more than 20 years, it has aimed to develop and grow Italian businesses. However, the company had critical Business development issues that prevented it from growing in the long run.


New accounts worked
Interviews conducted
Appointments set

Criticality of business development

Word of mouth
Most of OSM Cuneo's business came from word of mouth from enthusiastic Clients. This is critical for a consulting firm because it means that Clients are enthusiastic and like the service enough to recommend it. But long-term growth cannot be based on this channel alone
OSM Cuneo's events (and OSM in general) are so full of value that some conversion always happens. For this reason, we decided to include events within the annual conversion marketing plan.
Social & Search Engines
When we talk about B2B, Facebook Advertising is always tricky. OSM Cuneo created campaigns to stimulate the pain points of prospects, but without success in terms of conversion. With Google Ads we managed to bring home a Client.


When we spoke with Eleonora Filippone, owner of OSM Cuneo, the goal of the project was immediately clear:
1. Create a digital, replicable, high-performing business development model.
2. To make her Team autonomous and performant in business development;
3. Schedule 10 new appointments per month


1. We created a unique Business Development strategy that seamlessly merged Marketing & Sales.
2. Based on Eleonora's Strategic Analysis and Market Knowledge, we created a LinkedIn Outbound Prospecting Funnel to maximize the number of Calls with Prospects and with which we scheduled 26 Calls in just over 3 months of operation.
3. In the short term, we maximized the number of opportunities to close. In the long run, we created an annual Calendar with all major Marketing activities geared toward conversion-this is where Companies lose 90% of sales opportunities.

A new, replicable and effective business development model

Business Development Design
We designed together a business development model that would unite all Marketing and Sales activities within a single tool: the CRM.
Sales Pipeline
We created a Pipeline 100% dedicated to closing new contracts from LinkedIn, Events and Word of mouth. This is the central intelligence of the Company, from which we can always get the real time picture of sales.
LinkedIn Outbound Pipeline
This pipeline is entirely dedicated to business development coming from LinkedIn. We have created a procedure that perfectly combines LinkedIn and CRM and allows us to process each individual Prospect in the short, medium and long term.
Inbound Pipeline
This is where all contacts that come in spontaneously or are stimulated by Marketing activity (Events, Webinars, Word of mouth) are processed. It is important to separate them from Outbound activities and the Sales Pipeline, to always have clarity on which activities are working.
Referral Pipeline
Keeping in mind that one of the main channels of business development is word-of-mouth, we have created an ad hoc pipeline, with an ad hoc procedure, to actively stimulate word-of-mouth referrals to Customers.

People-powered philosophy

Eleonora Filippone

Owner of OSM Cuneo

"We needed to turbo-charge our business development and needed a system to forge relationships with new entrepreneurs in the area. Through LInkedIn, we were able to get to our interlocutor much faster: business owners, entrepreneurs and company directors. There is direct and peer-to-peer contact, easy communication. Within 3 months I personally made about 20 Acquaintance Calls with entrepreneurs in the area and made wonderful new relationships."

Eleonora went through all the training from day 0-she immediately took responsibility for the project and the results.
She now masters CRM, the LinkedIn Outbound Prospecting process, and conversion-oriented Marketing.
The common goal is to transfer what we have created to a future Marketing & Sales team.
Do you want to create a digital, replicable and effective business development model for your company?

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