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Page93 creates and develops IT systems for its customers through a research and development sector that is among the most innovative in Italy. Customisation and constant service, together with dynamism and speed, are the basis of the custom technological solutions offered to increase business efficiency. Through IT systems and packages at the service of companies, Page93 is the guarantee for smart, secure and custom services for your company.


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Criticality of business development

Page93's ideal customers are companies with a turnover of more than 60 million and at least 100 employees, that have not made a system change yet. With all the excellent positioning work done by the Marketing Manager Massimo, CEO Graziella wanted to reach even more customers through a new outbound channel. Experience in knowing how to find the ideal customer was needed.
Managing the upper part of the funnel
The elegance and professionalism of Page93 is clear from the many customers generated by word of mouth. Although word of mouth is synonymous with trust and results, CEO Graziella wanted to increase the conversion of cold contacts, strengthening the management of the relationship with the customer from the beginning.


After a discussion with Graziella and Massimo, the main goal of the project was clear:
1. To create an effective business development model for Page93;
2. Positioning and identification of a selected and niche target;
3. To increase the ability to manage the responses of the coldest customers;
4. Constant training and coaching of the business development team.


• Implementation of a unique business development strategy for the company, combining marketing and sales.
• Through buyer persona analysis and leveraging Sales Navigator technology, we researched in depth and selected the ideal customer target for Page93.
• Through the optimisation of Graziella's personal LinkedIn profile and the highlighting of credibility elements, we guaranteed ideal positioning towards the market and buyer personas
• Through constant coaching and sharing offline tips on how to respond to prospects, we enabled the Page93 team to optimise cold prospect management and make 29 appointments in 3 months
• Through a detailed annual marketing plan, we highlighted the exceptional results that Page93 has achieved for its customers, generating case studies that were then sent to prospects and customers. We then supported Graziella and Massimo in producing their first conversion webinar, aimed at business decision-makers and featuring a practical case study.
• We implemented CRM in the company, which has since become the control centre for all Page93 prospecting activities.

A new, replicable and effective business development model

Business Development Design
Together, we designed a business development model that combines all the Marketing and Sales activities within a single tool: Salesflare (CRM).
Sales Pipeline
We created the company's central intelligence: a pipeline 100% dedicated to closing new contracts from different sources (LinkedIn, events, word of mouth). From this, we can always gain a snapshot in real time of how sales are going in the company.
LinkedIn Outbound Pipeline
We've derived an exclusive business development pipeline from LinkedIn. We have created a procedure that combines LinkedIn and CRM and allows you to work every single prospect in the short, medium and long term.
Inbound Pipeline
All contacts that arrive spontaneously or that are stimulated by the marketing activity are processed here (events, webinars, word of mouth, etc.). It is important to keep them separate from the Outbound business, but especially from the sales pipeline, in order to always ensure clarity about the activities that are working.
Tools and integrations
We have included tools and integrations to automate the activity and make it more efficient. The integration between Sales Navigator and Salesflare; Calendly, to speed up appointments; Marketing Automation, to automate part of the activity with prospects.

People-powered philosophy

Graziella Bordone

CEO & Co-Founder Page93

We did not know the people at Result, but after the first contact we immediately began to connect with them, beginning a path in which we had the opportunity to expand our skills. This has allowed us to unleash innovative dynamics in our organisation, allowing us to accelerate growth projects in a concrete way. The enthusiasm allowed us to hit the ground running: a "forced pause" in particular led us to understand how the collaboration with Result is fundamental and strategic for the achievement of our goals. They are supporting us by providing practical answers to our constantly-evolving needs!

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