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Prosana was created with the mission of helping agency and e-commerce owners scale their businesses. It does this by helping teams maintain excellent performance through proven methodologies that have led countless business owners to achieve growth rates three times higher.
 When we met Erika Zeigyte, founder of Prosana, she was very frustrated because she did not know where to start in creating her business development machine. Initially, she was having problems in expanding the Team because she did not have a clear idea of how much revenue her Company would generate month after month. In addition, he had tried sending several messages via LinkedIn, without achieving the desired result.


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Criticality of business development

Word of mouth
Before she started working with us, Erika had built her business on Word of Mouth. This was an unsustainable approach for a company that wanted to grow over the long term, with very ambitious goals.
Referral Marketing, along with word of mouth, was not enough to create her business development machine, and this Erika realized early on.


Erika had one goal in mind:
1.Create a replicable, high-performing business development process.


We created a Business Development strategy that combined Marketing & Sales.
We focused primarily on LinkedIn as an acquisition channel and created a Conversion Marketing plan to educate and convert all Prospects saved within the CRM.
We took two Prospecting strategies into A/B testing:
1. Funnel Case Study, in which we shared Prosana Success Cases with Prospects;
2. Funnel Interview, to study the target audience, get into rapport with Prospects and generate a sales appointment.
We realized that interviews were going a bomb and went all-in: within 2 months Erika generated more than 12 interviews and first client closed.
With LinkedIn we will continue to import new qualified contacts to CRM, while Relationships and Word of mouth will continue to give their short-term effects.
With the Conversion Marketing plan we are going to create a resounding conversion machine: the more contacts we put into CRM, the more the machine will pull out new Customers. A great 2023 is expected.

A new, replicable and effective business development model

Business Development Design
We started with the "Business Development Design" activity: we designed together a business development model that would unite all Marketing and Sales activities within a single tool: the CRM.
Sales Pipeline
We created a pipeline 100% dedicated to closing new contracts from the different sources (LinkedIn, Events, Word of mouth). This is the central intelligence of the Company: from here we can always get the real-time picture of how sales are going and we can optimize the strategy.
LinkedIn Outbound Pipeline
We have thrown down a unique pipeline for business development coming from LinkedIn. We have created a procedure that combines LinkedIn and CRM and allows you to work every single Prospect in the short, medium and long term.
Webinar Pipeline
Pipeline dedicated to the exclusive management of Webinars, the central engine of Prosana's Conversion Marketing strategy: this is where the entire flow of Sales Leads and Appointments will be managed.

People-powered philosophy

Erika Zeigyte

Co-founder @Prosana

"It is a pleasure to work with the guys from Result Consulting: you can see how much they care about your Business and especially your Results. In the first 2 months we tested different strategies to figure out what was the right angle to generate new business. And about a month ago we found the key: in one month I generated 10 new business opportunities and closed the first Client."

Erika is phenomenal, perhaps one of the most organized and knowledgeable entrepreneurs on the HR & Operations side (she has been a consultant of ours).
When she has a goal, she doesn't give up until she achieves it. She wanted to figure it all out herself, with the goal of delegating the business development process in 2023.
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