Preserving the well-being of people through the organisation of facility management.

We support companies to preserve the experiential value they offer to their employees and customers through a facility management organisation that focuses on the well-being of people. We not only solve technical problems to increase efficiency and reduce the costs of real estate assets and "no core" services: we innovate business models, develop and enhance human resources and secure business activities to better seize the enormous development and growth opportunities offered by the market, digital transformation and green transition.


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Criticality of business development

In a business development strategy that works, the target is everything. Target + Message = Results. Often Fabio found himself in negotiations with very technically orientated and not very business-orientated interlocutors, who actually did not represent the decision-makers, and therefore were not the target.
Traditional Business Model
Fabio felt that he had not yet found the right product-market fit and that there was a need to innovate both the solution and the way it was proposed on the market.


After the strategic analysis with the Riàn + team, the main objectives of the project were clear:
1. To create an effective and replicable business development model;
2.To identify the right target;
3. To standardise the product offered and innovate the proposal strategy on the market;
4. To train the business development team with effective sales skills. Strategy


1. We created a unique business development strategy that combines the expertise of the FM sector that the people at Riàn+ have with the mindset and the Result sales approach.
2. We methodically researched and selected the ideal customer target through the buyer persona analysis and using Sales Navigator technology.
3. We created the LinkedIn Outbound Prospecting Funnel to maximise the number of calls with prospects in the short term and create a qualified database to educate over time: 24k closures, only from LinkedIn, in less than 1 month.
4. We implemented the CRM, which became the control centre of all business development activities.
5. We inspired the Riàn+ team to create a front-end product to enter companies more easily, build trust and sell their core services.
6. We supported the Riàn+ team with coaching and sharing tips to become autonomous and effective in managing prospects.

A new, replicable and effective business development model

Business Development Design
Together, we designed a business development model that combines all the Marketing and Sales activities within a single tool: Salesflare (CRM).
Sales Pipeline
We created the company's central intelligence: a pipeline 100% dedicated to closing new contracts from different sources (LinkedIn, events, word of mouth). From this, we can always gain a snapshot in real time of how sales are going in the company.
LinkedIn Outbound Pipeline
We designed an exclusive pipeline for business development from LinkedIn. We have created a procedure that combines LinkedIn and CRM and allows you to work every single prospect in the short, medium and long term.
Inbound Pipeline
All contacts that come about spontaneously or are stimulated by the marketing activity (events, webinars, word of mouth, etc.) are processed here. It is important to keep them separate from the Outbound business, but especially from the sales pipeline, in order to always ensure clarity about the activities that are working.
Tools and integrations
We have implemented tools and technologies to automate the task and make it efficient. Some examples: the integration between Sales Navigator and Salesflare (CRM), Mail Automation workflow to automate part of the task with prospects.
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