School of higher education for the next generation of developers (Blockchain)

When we met Patricia, she had a big dream: to become a great entrepreneur and start her own Company. SchoolOfWeb3 is an online training school focused on Web3, NFT, Metaverse, Blockchain and Crypto. Patricia had already created a crazy training course with the goal of creating the next generation of software engineers, vertical on blockchain.


Interviews conducted
New Customers
Value of sales

Criticality of business development

Low ADV budget.
We needed to find a way to launch his new idea without investing too much budget in Advertising.
Lack of Customers.
Patricia had in mind a Webinar that would help her convert some attendees into her first Clients. But there was a lack of people. And we helped her find them.


When we spoke with Patricia, the main goals of the project were:
1. Validate its hypotheses directly in the Marketplace;
2. We created a LinkedIn Outbound Prospecting strategy, in which we invited Spanish developers for an interview;
3. Schedule interviews from LinkedIn to do Customer Development and build relationship with Prospects;
4. Convert Prospects into new Customers.


1. We defined the Target based on Patricia's experience in the world of software development: we selected young developers in the main university cities of Spain.
2. We created a LinkedIn Outbound Prospecting strategy, in which we invited Spanish developers for an interview.
3. Based on these interviews, we discovered their goals and priorities: critical to optimizing the course, improving Marketing and validating Market hypotheses (and of course selling!).
4. Having reached 60 interviews, we invited all the Prospects contacted (145) to a Webinar, where the developers' needs were summarized and the solution was presented: SchoolOfWeb3. The result of the first Webinar: 6 Clients and 10k€.

A new, replicable and effective business development model

We are selecting the best CRM to build a replicable, high-performing business development model.
Patricia is in the process of selecting the first female employee who can help her develop business on LinkedIn and manage the contacts that come Inbound.
Patricia is getting great results from the first course delivered and is ready to optimize it based on student feedback.
12 Students in April 2023 and 25 Students in September. For a total of 100k.

People-powered philosophy

Patricia Juane

Founder @SchoolOfWeb3

ResultConsulting accompanied me through the whole process, from acquisition to conversion. I launched the first edition of Schoolofweb3 and the response was super positive: in 2 months I interviewed 60 developers, acquired 6 Clients and sold my first 10k€, only through LinkedIn.

Patricia was lightning fast: within two weeks she had already interviewed 10 developers, closing 60 interviews within 1 month.
Like all entrepreneurs pursuing a dream, she believed in it right from the start: she saw great value in the interviews for the development of her Company and was able to conduct the Webinar with a noteworthy determination.
Out of 50 participants, she closed her first 6 sales with a total value of €10,000. Go ahead Patricia!
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