Growth Consultant




You decide!

What to expect from this journey together

Imagine being the Director of Business Development of Italian and international B2B Companies. Imagine coordinating the Marketing & Sales Teams of these companies to lead them to success.

Awesome, right?

The Result Consulting Growth Consultant represents this and much more. You will work closely with Giacomo and Matteo, co-founders of Result, you will deconstruct the business development models of our customers and you will ensure their sales skyrocket with your strategies.

Are you up for the challenge of coming on board?

These will be your goals (achievable)

Number of customers managed

On average, a Result Business Consultant manages between 10 and 20 customers. This depends completely on you!

Case Studies generated

Every customer that generates sales thanks to your strategies will have your signature on our website


Customers that you will help to achieve results and with whom you will create a relationship of trust, will renew in a heartbeat. Are you ready to make that happen?


You will be able to offer customers a series of useful and interesting services. You’ll need to figure out when the time is right


An enthusiastic customer is your best ambassador. Could you manage to get them to suggest names to pass on to the Sales team?

Where you will invest most of your time

  • You will carefully analyse customer business development models and understand where they are losing opportunities and where they can focus more;
  • You will become the Director of Customer Business Development, implementing new processes and leading the Marketing and Sales team to another level of performance;
  • You will train customers on the latest B2B business development trends and the most innovative tools to lead them to success quickly;
  • You will create business development strategies that generate new sales in the shortest possible time, using the processes and training of our business model;
  • You will take responsibility for your customers’ results and accompany them on a long-term coaching path to help them overcome the main obstacles;
  • You will analyse the numbers generated by customers, identify bottlenecks and propose solutions for the resolution of critical issues;
  • You will constantly innovate the Result business development model through customer feedback, our Marketing and Sales team experiments, and continuous exchanges with your teammates (all Top Players).
  • You will always be in step with all the new trends of business development, the evolutions of LinkedIn and the world of Sales and Marketing Tech, riding the waves of innovation.
Are you willing to accept the challenge?

The best part of this job?

Seeing customers invoicing hundreds of thousands of euros thanks to your strategies, creating new

case studies and constantly evolving their business development model. The stakes are high. But if you accept the challenge, you are welcome!


We want a team member who can join us during one of the most wonderful and critical moments in a company’s history: exponential growth and international expansion. With the hunger to learn constantly, to innovate and to achieve great results, you can realise your potential and be central to this expansion.

If you have a clear idea of where you want to go, you are ready to take on great responsibilities, you like to always see an opportunity behind every problem, you can give and receive constructive criticism (and you are not overly sensitive), you are the right person for this role.

Nice to have

Experience as a consultant (Marketing or B2B Sales) and aptitude for business development logic;
Ability to organise own work remotely;
Knowledge of Sales Navigator, CRM (Hubspot, Salesflare, Salesforce, etc.) and a strong passion for marketing and sales tools and technologies;
Good knowledge of spoken English (without this, we will remain forever restricted to Italy, and that's not what we want).

What Result can really offer you

Working remotely with targets

  • (Genuine remote working with flexible hours: a member of the team moved to the Canaries, is working well, and goes surfing in the afternoon!)

Active and central participation in the company’s evolution

(you are not just a cog in the machine, instead you are driving it)

Access to the best management training in Italy with OSM

(if you are not familiar with them, check out their courses!)

Team building activities

(Food and accommodation: if you apply now, from 10–17 December, we will be in Fuerteventura!)

Travel and meetings around Europe

Co-working spaces, wherever you are

to network and meet new people

Lightweight and powerful MacBook

to work better

Your work will include a fixed part and a variable part:

the variable part will be commensurate with the great results you will be able to achieve.

Climb aboard!

We advise you to submit your application even if you don’t have all the technical skills indicated: we can work on those together. What you can’t learn is your proactivity, the desire to take on new responsibilities and achieve great results.

One last thing: do not submit an application if you are looking for any old job or if you are just looking around. Come motivated and convince us why you are the best person to take this team to the next level!