We create the best-performing B2B business development model for your company

Systematically acquire new target customers and take control of your sales machine

How does the Result

Model work?

CRM & Dashboard

We design your business development model and implement it within the CRM. From here, you will take control of your sales machine.


LinkedIn Outbound System

We create a replicable and effective LinkedIn Outbound system to systematically generate new target sales appointments.

LinkedIn Advertising

We manage LinkedIn Advertising campaigns for you to generate new qualified contacts, and we structure a process to convert the largest number of contacts into business opportunities.

Sales Process

We design the right process and sales scripts for you to increase your sales team’s closing rates. We listen back to sales calls to optimise their performance over time.

Customer Revenue

We engineer the management of the customer base to close new contracts through upselling and cross-selling and generate new opportunities through the proactive activation of referrals.

Talent Acquisition

We create a replicable and effective recruitment model to build your superstar sales team and scale your sales machine.

Strategic Analysis

We analyse your Sales Machine from every angle in order to identify bottlenecks and unrealised potential.

We focus on your growth vision to define the best strategy to validate new acquisition channels and convert as many opportunities as possible into customers.


We lower the strategy on the selected individual channels to validate them and ensure they are performing within the shortest possible time. We train and structure your marketing & sales team, defining roles and activities to achieve goals. We use proprietary frameworks and technologies to track results.


We scale the best-performing channels through people & technology, making them stable and multiplying the results. We aim to create an allbound business development model for your company.

We only ensure what works for us is converted into services that are suitable for your business

The Result case: from the Outbound to the Allbound model

We have quintupled sales in just 3 years, increasing the conversion rate from 36% to 79%.

1K €

Sales in 2021

1K €

Sales in 2022

1K €

Sales in 2023

Sales in 2024 Achieve

The results of those who have adopted our model

From First Contact to Conversion

We don’t stop at the acquisition. We’ll support you until the opportunities have been secured.


Effectively acquire new, highly qualified contacts to bring into your CRM with proven methodologies.


Create marketing campaigns on qualified contacts in your CRM. Follow them with constancy and elegance, and they will buy from you.


Increase your sales team’s closing rates and optimise the sales process by using custom dashboards to maintain control.


Maximise sales opportunities from the customer base and engineer referral, upselling and cross-selling activities.

How we can help you build and scale your sales machine


We help you structure your Marketing & Sales team, making it ultra-focused on results and growth goals.


Tested methodologies and proprietary frameworks are needed to make individual channels replicable and optimised and to optimise productivity.


We provide you with the data and insight dashboards you need to gain full control of your sales machine.

Who is the Result model for, and what are the benefits?

We only work with those who meet the following requirements:
  1. You believe that your company has great potential and you are extremely motivated to ensure its growth and rise;
  2. You are aware that, in order to make it grow, you need great dedication and a positive attitude towards difficulties (you do not believe in magic formulas);
  3. You have a long-term vision and focus on execution to achieve the goal at all costs.
To achieve these goals together:
  1. Systematically acquire new customers through stable business development channels;
  2. Take control of the sales machine through numbers and projections.
Discover a digital, replicable and data-based business model now.

They say about us

Marco Brignoli
Mirai Bay
Mauro Candeago
CEO & Founder, A3

We really appreciated the proactivity of all the team members, the competence and the organisation of the project. They are genuine experts in this field! My team felt supported at all stages of the project, which were clearly explained during all phases, along with processes and activities. The project was well organised with deadlines, diagrams, material made available, follow-up and everything else needed.

Cristian Benzoni
Sales Trainer & Mental Coach, Blackship

What particularly struck me was the use of tools, the planned strategy and the division of each role within Result Consulting. The differentiator that distinguishes them is being a close-knit and enthusiastic team. In every point of contact I was supported very well and 100%, especially in the initial phase of the project, during which everyone was present and attentive in their respective roles. I finally managed to overcome my limits in communicating with people on LinkedIn. Thank you!

Erika Zeigyte
Mario Gambazza
Sales Manager Indirect Channel Professionals, Zucchetti spa

The people at Result Consulting support businesses and are dedicated to their journey by shortening the time needed to achieve results. They have cut their teeth in entrepreneurial contexts, and so they are experienced, with clear ideas and a clearly-mapped route. They possess the intellectual freshness of bright young professionals, combined with international experiences and contacts. Working with them is truly a pleasure. And they are nice people, to boot.

Massimiliano Adilardi
Adilardi Partner

The people at Result Consulting were able to listen and interpret our needs. What did I appreciate most? The ability to interpret business processes. They supported us throughout the project, giving us an overview of the different stages. I have just started to put “social selling” techniques into practice, and I already see a lot of potential.