Company partner for environmental waste management

Company partner for environmental waste management Innovando offers collective and customised solutions to companies and operators in the waste sector throughout Europe, to better manage disposal and ensure compliance with current standards. When we got in touch with this company, Christian and Luca, the Sales Manager and Sales Executive of Innovando respectively, were already working on several opportunities, which had spontaneously arisen from various contacts and by word of mouth. Luca spent an hour a day on Outbound Prospecting, using LinkedIn and phone calls. The critical points were, however, to be found in the incorrect management of these two channels and consequently in the low performance.


new accounts worked on
Value of offers sent

Criticality of business development

The main problems on LinkedIn were related to: lack of methodology; lack of consistency in sending messages; poor results, as the responses received were few.
Phone calls
Part of the Outbound activity consisted of calling the switchboards of target companies, with varying success. Often the most common response was, "X is busy at the moment. You can send an email to this address," but they rarely received feedback. We're sure this has happened to you, too!


What Luca was looking for to improve his business was:
1. A way to find more qualified leads, and leads that were faster to close;
2. A way to increase the responses of prospects on LinkedIn compared to the number of messages sent.


We implemented an ad hoc strategy, based on five fundamental steps.

A new, replicable and effective business development model

We carried out an in-depth analysis of the business together, in order to understand what the best solutions were at that time and the main customer segments. We delved into the Ideal Customer Profile (HSE and RSPP) to find the main levers to use in our strategy.
Process setup
We trained Luca on the use of Sales Navigator and set up the lead and account lists to organise contacts properly and keep track of all activity. Subsequently, we defined a method to search for new target contacts, month after month.
Drafting of the message sequence
Based on the analysis carried out previously and Luca's experience in the field, we prepared a sequence of messages full of value and oriented towards exchange. This is a sequence that allowed Luca to close a 200k contract in just 1 month of activity on LinkedIn.
Setting key metrics
Once the message setting and drafting phase was over, we shared the key metrics with Luca: accounts worked, calls made, negotiations opened, offers sent, contracts closed.
Monthly review and coaching
We established a series of fixed appointments to identify and overcome obstacles and improve metrics, working closely with the team. In order to develop more and more business opportunities and sign new profitable contracts, we were ready to optimise the strategy and change course when necessary.
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