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You decide!

What to expect from this journey together

What to expect from this journey together
We want a team member like you, who wants to take on the responsibility of coming on board at one of the most wonderful and critical moments in the history of a company: exponential growth and international expansion. With the hunger to constantly learn, innovate and achieve great results, we want to leave you room to express your potential and play an important role in this expansion.

The best part of this job: seeing customers bill hundreds of thousands of euros thanks to your daily operational support.

This is not just any internship: in just 6 months, you will receive the best training in Italy on B2B sales and business development. There is no better way to enter the world of work.
Do you think this challenge is for you?

Are you up for the challenge of coming on board?

Your one and only goal?

Business Customers

Constantly generate new sales appointments for customers through LinkedIn Prospecting.

Gross annual salary: Internship for a 6-month period (Initial phase)

Your results will depend only on you!

Where you will invest most of your time

LinkedIn Prospecting Activity (core):

  • Prospect search and selection on Sales Navigator;
  • Target prospect qualification;
  • Prospect contact through a tested methodology that combines Sales Navigator and CRM.
  • Effective response management;
  • Reporting and data analysis;
  • Constant contact funnel optimisation;

In addition to this activity, there will be some important things to pay attention to:

  • Study the strategy documents prepared by the Growth Consultant who follows the customer as manager.
  • Study the market and the customer’s target to better prepare for operations.
  • Study the contact funnels prepared by the Growth Consultant who follows the customer as manager.
  • Continuous updating with the Growth Consultant who follows the customer as manager.

What you will have learned by the end of the internship

  • LinkedIn Prospecting Methodology – You will master the best strategies and processes of prospecting for Italy, a skill that you will be able to use for the rest of your career.
  • Best B2B Strategies – You will learn how to create and execute strategies that lead companies to generate hundreds of thousands of euros.
  • Learn to use digital tools and devices to work in a smart way:
  • Asana – Project Management tool
  • CRM (Salesflare, Hubspot etc.) – A fundamental tool for those who need to develop business and scale their company’s sales;
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator – The best digital tool to constantly generate new qualified B2B leads.

Ideal requirements

Hard skills

  • You have excellent observation and analysis skills
  • You have excellent writing skills and a sprinkle of creativity
  • You have a minimum of training in marketing & sales (or in any case you are fascinated by this field)
  • You know how to use digital and technological tools, in particular CRM and Sales Navigator (or you really want to learn)
  • You can quickly perform the tasks assigned to you

Soft skills

  • Analysis skills: your ability to study companies, understand their structure and identify strategic figures within them is highly appreciated.
  • Problem solving: you are reactive in solving possible critical issues arising from daily activities. Speed and desire to learn: you want to learn how the world of business development works and how to convert prospects into paying customers.
  • Effective communication: you know how to communicate well and quickly with your team, which operates 100% remotely.
  • Full mastery of the Italian language: we work a lot on the Italian market, and it is important that you master the Italian language completely.

Ideal characteristics

  • Growth-oriented: a person who is hungry for knowledge, who always wants to learn from other people and who is always looking for new things to study.
  • Remote work: you feel ready to, or have already, worked remotely and you believe you have the ability to do so optimally, organising your time responsibly.
  • Proactivity: You are a very proactive person, who often goes beyond what is required of them. Responsibilities do not scare you and you know how to take them on by completing the assigned task.
  • Responsibility: You do not give up until you have achieved your goals and you feel that you have created an important impact in the company thanks to your contribution.
  • Openness to feedback: You are an open person, who knows how to give and receive feedback, seeing it as a positive opportunity for growth.
  • P.S.: You are someone who loves new experiences, travel, good wine and cultures from all over the world!
Are you willing to accept the challenge?

The best part of this job?

Seeing your customers bill hundreds of thousands of euros thanks to the strategies of Result Consulting, opening new markets and constantly evolving our business development model.

The stakes are high. But if you accept the challenge, you are welcome!


We want a team member who can join us during one of the most wonderful and critical moments in a company’s history: exponential growth and international expansion. With the hunger to constantly learn, innovate and achieve great results, you will be able to realise your potential and make a significant impact.

If you are clear about where you want to go, you are ready for big responsibilities, you love to take the initiative, always see an opportunity behind every problem, give and receive constructive criticism (and you are not overly sensitive), you are the right person for this role.

Nice to have

Experience as a B2B salesperson. You experience the thrill of the sale and the idea of securing another 'yes'. We will tell you more: you are convinced that sales is a job that must be taken to the next level!
Ability to organise own work remotely;
Experience and aptitude for marketing concepts (copywriting, martech technologies, etc.), because you believe that innovative salespeople are capable of combining sales skills with marketing skills;
Knowledge of Sales Navigator, CRM (Hubspot, Salesflare, Salesforce, etc.) and a strong passion for marketing and sales tools and technologies;
Good knowledge of spoken English and ability to hold a call with international customers.

What Result can really offer you

Working remotely with targets

  • (Genuine remote working with flexible hours: a member of the team moved to the Canaries, is working well, and goes surfing in the afternoon!)

Active and central participation in the company’s evolution

(you are not just a cog in the machine, instead you are driving it)

Access to the best management training in Italy with OSM

(if you are not familiar with them, check out their courses!)

Team building activities

(Food and accommodation: if you apply now, from 10–17 December, we will be in Fuerteventura!)

Travel and meetings around Europe

Co-working spaces, wherever you are

to network and meet new people

Lightweight and powerful MacBook

to work better

Your work will include a fixed part and a variable part:

the variable part will be commensurate with the great results you will be able to achieve.

Climb aboard!

We advise you to submit your application even if you don’t have all the technical skills indicated: we can work on those together. What you can’t learn is your proactivity, the desire to take on new responsibilities and achieve great results.

One last thing: do not submit an application if you are looking for any old job or if you are just looking around. Come motivated and convince us why you are the best person to take this team to the next level!